Vegan Thai Tea,
Made in Atlanta with Love

Meet Olatunde

Tunde with Tea

Olatunde “Tunde” Richardson is an Atlanta native, where he attended Grady High School before attending Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC for his undergraduate degree. A lifelong proponent of vegan cooking, Tunde’s passion and aptitude for preparing vegan cuisine grew at Warren Wilson, where he _______(worked a kitchen job with some hippie kids). [now sentence about how inspiration for product came to pass, how Tunde got started]. Since 2021, Tunde has expanded this vision to include three flavors  of the juice of his dreams, with more to come! 

est. 2021

Our Process: Farm to Bottle

Harvest the freshest ingredients. Work in Atlanta large-capacity kitchen facilities to brew the tea, ensuring 


We are able to provide a full tasting experience across the Metro Atlanta area, and often do in front of local parks and eateries like the Slutty Vegan.

We strive to exceed your expectations of how enhancing purely vegan ingredients can be for a tea drink, and do so by ensuring that your shipment is delivered or shipped to you with the utmost care.


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